Saturday, April 28, 2012

Re working....

We weren't happy with the test print of the lenticular, so we re worked it. The initial design didn't have enough difference between the frames. We have 3 images - one each viewable from each side and one viewable front on. We want these 3 to be quite different to one another - so as to get quite a jarring effect as you walk past the card - the images will all quite suddenly change as you move by. Anyway, in light of this, we are reworking the images.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lenticular prints

We sent off the lenticular prints, and we are waiting for a test to return to us! Stay tuned....

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mini screens

Screens we have been investigating....
This one, while quite wacky, simply won't do. We need somehting flat to fit under the acrylic.
I'll admit the mirror is tempting - when viewing pix of loved ones and aquaintances it can be quite a laff to add yourself in via the mirror. But It won't do for the ADM. Our standards are just too high.
The added functionality of the bottle opener would simply be lost on the ADM - it's all hidden under the lenticular prints and acrylic.
This one is not too shabby - we tested it out after buying from officeworks and it seems to tick all the boxes - USB powered, doesn't auto off. But we have discovered NO keyrings seem to play animated gifs. They can only do stills - regular gifs, jpgs, pngs, bmps. Bummer dude. But we figure the sweet transitions will suffice - such as clock wipe, pixellate etc. We think we'll go with this one, and ask Dick to do us one of his famous deals.