Thursday, February 23, 2012


Tasks... We've been trying to break this piece down figure out where to begin. We need to source: LCD screens - 1.5 inch and 8 inch, and see if they can play animated gifs, movs/mp4/avi etc, and also if they have an auto on switch so they don't power down. They also need to be USB powered. Acrylic sheets: This will depend on th number of screens. With the revised budget we have, it looks like it will be much much smaller than originally planned - maybe 2 pices using .5 to .75 of a square meter's worth of space? Hi density foam: a sandwich filler to hold the screens. Wood base Figure out how to attach to the wall - can we hammer drill into that bewdiful concrete? Screws: what guage is strong enough to support that kind of weight? We need to design: The lenticular cards (2 week turnaround @ printers) The movs/gifs to play on screen The shape of the mural panels. But when, when will we do these things????

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dollarmites etc

We have been developing some roughs for the lenticular printed cards. We're interested in something colourful, abstract and vivid - usually lenticular prints have sequential images to create a small animation. However, we are more interested in creating something that really juxtaposes different images so as to create quite a vivid, jarring effect when you walk past. What's lenticular printing I hear you ask? Remember those rulers that had had pictures of dinosaurs...or Dollarmites...and when you move them back and forward, the image moved! That's lenticular printing. Click here for the wikipedia overview....and here are some images of other people's lenticular prints. Stay tuned for ours.
The only picture on the entire internet of a Dollarmites ruler. Pls send us a better image if you have one, or better still just send us the ruler.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Are you ready for ADM?

That is correct. A new and exciting work entitled 'Animated Digital Mural' will be up at The Edge in 2012. Incase you have not seen The Edge before, here are a few photos to give you an idea of the entrance/breezeway which will we be utilising to display the work.

LOVE the QR code on the floor!

Our Animated Digital Mural is going to blend old and new technology and aesthetics, celebrating innovation and community. If you managed to catch our previous work at The Edge, 'ERROR FOREVER' then you may already have an idea of what is to come!
We hope to embody the energy and creativity of The Edge are using a variety of tekno tools to make this mural come to life- literally!!
There is a lot of pre planning for us to get stuck into but we can't wait to show you some of the stuff we are working on for the mural!!!