Saturday, May 26, 2012

its a RISkY BuSiNeSs

This project has been so interesting and exciting. A key factor for us has been about TAKING RISKS. We have spent months researching the best technology suited to our project, as well as strange, 'lost in translation' conversations with wholesalers overseas. As the project scope was changing so much from our initial proposal, due to various factors, including the HUMIDITY of Brisbane and the effect on outdoor public works.....we have had to rethink, redesign, and replan the project.

Everything is in flux and it constantly seems like a lot of the hardware we need to purchase is unable to be tested before purchase...
Its pretty funny for us.

We came up with a joke that the project codename shall be "risky business".

Here is a cheeky GIF of us with some screens we were buying to test out, along with our copies of the Risky Business Blu Ray!!!


  1. Wow that gif is so cool, it looks like we are both wearing those earrings!!!

  2. LOL i was going for "super jarring" hahahaa