Thursday, February 23, 2012


Tasks... We've been trying to break this piece down figure out where to begin. We need to source: LCD screens - 1.5 inch and 8 inch, and see if they can play animated gifs, movs/mp4/avi etc, and also if they have an auto on switch so they don't power down. They also need to be USB powered. Acrylic sheets: This will depend on th number of screens. With the revised budget we have, it looks like it will be much much smaller than originally planned - maybe 2 pices using .5 to .75 of a square meter's worth of space? Hi density foam: a sandwich filler to hold the screens. Wood base Figure out how to attach to the wall - can we hammer drill into that bewdiful concrete? Screws: what guage is strong enough to support that kind of weight? We need to design: The lenticular cards (2 week turnaround @ printers) The movs/gifs to play on screen The shape of the mural panels. But when, when will we do these things????

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