Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dollarmites etc

We have been developing some roughs for the lenticular printed cards. We're interested in something colourful, abstract and vivid - usually lenticular prints have sequential images to create a small animation. However, we are more interested in creating something that really juxtaposes different images so as to create quite a vivid, jarring effect when you walk past. What's lenticular printing I hear you ask? Remember those rulers that had had pictures of dinosaurs...or Dollarmites...and when you move them back and forward, the image moved! That's lenticular printing. Click here for the wikipedia overview....and here are some images of other people's lenticular prints. Stay tuned for ours.
The only picture on the entire internet of a Dollarmites ruler. Pls send us a better image if you have one, or better still just send us the ruler.

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